Regular professional hygiene done by a competent professional is the way to ensure your gums and your teeth stay healthier for longer . Also, the beginning of gum disease can be spotted in time during the regular hygiene visits as well because during each professional hygiene visit you gums will be screen for gum disease and it will be recorded for the future referenced. During the standard dental hygiene visit dental hygienist/ therapist will remove hard build up and polish your teeth .

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You may be advised that you need more customized and more regular gum maintenance if your gums show any signs of gum disease. You will also have full instructions how to enhance your oral hygiene top your personal needs. On some occasions you may want to have teeth stain removal, also known as airflow.



You don’t need to be registered at The Town Dental to have appointment with dental hygienist / therapist. You may enquire and book direct access hygiene appointment here.


If you are worried about your gums and you would like to have full assessment of you gums and dental health including x-rays please book your appointment with our dental hygienist.


Dental hygiene appointment twice a year can make a huge difference when it comes to your oral health. We can identify any issues early on before they fully develop, to address them in a more simple way than if they were left unnoticed.